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Labor’s Attorney-General wilfully misleading Victorians over Fines Victoria mess

When Labor’s Attorney-General, Jill Hennessy was questioned by Liberal Leader, Michael O’Brien in Question Time last week about when Fines Victoria’s IT system would finally be fully operational, Ms Hennessy said, in a Monty Pythonesque performance:

“Can I provide him with the assurance, and in fact an assurance to all Victorians, that Fines Victoria is indeed working assiduously to ensure that from end to end operations we have got a system that is fully functional.”


“It is our expectation that Fines Victoria meet the expectations of Victorians, and indeed the data and the figures indicate that to be so. We continue to have really significant improvements in their performance, and we continue to work to ensure that we have got a functioning fines system here in Victoria.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“It’s clear from these wildly inaccurate responses from Labor’s Attorney-General that she either has her head in the sand, is not across her brief or is wilfully misleading Victorians.”

“Labor’s disastrous roll-out of Fines Victoria has already cost Victorian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and is nearly three years late.”

“It’s time that Daniel Andrews and Jill Hennessy come clean with Victorians about exactly how this mess at Fines Victoria was allowed to occur under their watch, and when it will actually be fixed.”

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