Labor’s billion dollar bin tax cash grab

Labor’s Environment Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, has today announced yet another massive tax hike that will hit the hip pockets of hardworking Victorians.

For over five years Labor has failed to act to fix its waste and recycling crisis, and now instead of real action Andrews is just going to slug hard working Victorians.

Labor has said its bin tax will increase over 90 per cent, a massive increase from $65.90 a tonne to $125.90 a tonne.

This massive tax grab will rip over $200 million a year out of the pockets of Victorian families.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, David Morris:

“Victoria is already the highest taxed state in the country and now Labor wants to further slug Victorians with a massive increase in its bin tax.

“This is the cost of Labor, Andrews has buggered the budget, he’s failed to fix our recycling crisis and now his billion dollar bin tax will bite Victorians.

“Andrews is more interested in emptying your wallet than your bin.

“Victorians don’t need a massive tax increase, we need Andrews to fix this mess that he has created.”

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