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Labor’s booze buses: promised for Easter but won’t even be delivered by Christmas

Reports today that custom-built Drug and Alcohol buses will be again delayed until February 2020 is the latest delay to hit Daniel Andrews’ beleaguered booze buses.

In March 2018, Police Minister Lisa Neville boasted 10 new custom-built drug and alcohol buses had “hit the road” in time for the busy Easter period.

Yet, almost immediately, 6 of the 10 buses were sidelined due to mechanical and electrical faults and the timeline for their repairs has again been pushed out – meaning these buses will be off the road for the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Unfortunately, there are no second chances when it comes to road safety and with Victoria’s road toll running a tragic 54 lives higher than last year, every day these buses are off the road is placing the community at heightened risk.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police & Community Safety, David Southwick:

“Only Labor could promise new booze buses for Easter yet fail to deliver them by Christmas.

“Daniel Andrews’ inability to deliver these buses on time or on budget has placed the safety of the community at unacceptable risk.”

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