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Labor’s cut to breath testing put road safety at risk

The Andrews Labor Government’s cut to the number of roadside alcohol breath tests conducted in Victoria each year from 4.5 million to 3 million, at the same time Victoria’s road toll is skyrocketing, demonstrates Daniel Andrews simply isn’t taking road safety seriously.

This cut also sees no increase in roadside drug driver testing, with the overall number of drug tests stalled at 150,000 per year under Daniel Andrews.

In a year where the number of deaths on Victorian roads has increased by 44% to date, this decision sends entirely the wrong message to Victorian road users.

Victorians should be troubled about the potentially harmful consequences of the government’s decision to significantly reduce the overall number of roadside alcohol and drug tests to be completed by Victoria Police.

The cuts to Victoria’s long standing breath testing regime come at the same time the Andrews Labor Government confirmed has ripped $2.9 billion out of the TAC over the next three years, money that could have been used to make our roads safer.

In contrast to Labor’s decision to cut roadside testing, the Liberals and Nationals have announced a three point plan to address Victoria’s rising road toll which includes:

· Increasing the number of roadside drug driver tests to over 200,000 per annum, · Increasing penalties for drug driving in line with drink driving, · Focusing speed camera site selection on reducing road trauma, not raising revenue.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Road Safety, Gordon Rich-Phillips:

“It is deeply concerning that the road policing resources of Victoria Police are so thin that reducing random breath testing is seen as a positive step by Daniel Andrews”

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, David Southwick:

“Instead of making cuts Daniel Andrews needs to find ways to increase the frontline policing resources available to address dangerous behaviour on Victorian roads.”

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