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Labor’s dodgy deal is good news for Transurban shareholders, but bad news for Victorian motorists

Today, the Andrews Labor Government with the support of four crossbenchers, have voted to make drivers who use CityLink pay much higher tolls for the next 20 years all so Daniel Andrews can pay for a different road in the western suburbs.

The Andrews Labor Government, aided by crossbenchers Catherine Cumming, Andy Meddick, Fiona Patten and Jeff Bourman have voted to make CityLink users pay above CPI toll increases for the next 10 years, and extend Transurban’s tolling rights for a further 10 years.

This massive slug on CityLink users is to pay for an entirely different road – the West Gate Tunnel.

User pays is one thing but the Andrews Labor Government and four crossbenchers are making the non-user pay.

This is an unfair deal and Daniel Andrews is doing it is because Labor can't manage money. If Labor managed money properly, they wouldn't need to be stinging CityLink users to pay for the West Gate Tunnel.

This dodgy deal is a huge money-spinner for Transurban that will come directly out of the pocket of motorists.

This is not a good deal for Victorian motorists.

This is not a good deal for Victorian taxpayers.

But it's a great deal for Transurban shareholders.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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