Labor’s drip-feed freedoms holding Victoria back

Victoria is being left behind as the Andrews Labor Government continues to stall on giving people back their freedoms.

The decision to allow people back to the dance floor but not back to work is ludicrous.

Deputy Liberal Leader, David Southwick, says the at-work mask mandate must end, and all Victorians encouraged to return to work to ensure the state can recover and rebuild.

“Victoria is falling behind – we can’t wait another week for these mandates to be lifted.”

“Restrictions are in Daniel Andrews’ DNA.”

“He has smashed the Victorian economy with his longest lockdown in the world and continues to do ongoing damage by drip feeding the easing of restrictions.

“Enough is enough.”

The Opposition is continuing to call for the mask mandate to end, along with the work-from-home directive.

David Southwick MP

Deputy Liberal Leader