Labor’s failing public transport performance

The Andrews Labor Government’s mismanagement of the Public Transport portfolio has seen numerous targets missed. But these aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet, this is tens of thousands of Victorians stuck on platforms waiting for delayed trains and trams.

It means people are late for work or late to get home to be with family.

In 2018-19, some of the key Labor failings were:

• Labor failed their bus punctuality target with metropolitan services and failed to reach their target for passenger numbers carried by metropolitan buses;

• On train services, Labor failed their metropolitan punctuality target and the scheduled services delivered by metropolitan trains also fell short;

• The service punctuality for regional train services also fell dramatically short;

• Tram services failed their punctuality target while the number of tram passengers carried was static;

• The Government failed its objective of reliable and user focussed transport services by failing to provide reliable and punctual train, tram and bus services.

Despite spending billions on our public transport services, metropolitan train service usage growth of 1.3% is modest.

On trams, passenger numbers grew by just 0.87% and for metropolitan bus services passenger growth was just 0.4% against a background of massive population growth and shocking and worsening congestion. Daniel Andrews and his Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne are failing to deliver required increases in public transport patronage with its reliability and punctuality failing on their watch.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have been in power for 16 of the last 20 years. Victorians and Melbournians are entitled to be angry with Daniel Andrews for his Government’s non-performance with public transport. Labor seems incapable of managing our major transport modes and are not providing the punctual and reliable services passengers deserve and are required to shift cars off the road.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metro) and Transport Infrastructure

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