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Labor’s health lie

Daniel Andrews’ latest health orders confirm what Victorians have known all along – for Labor, it’s always been about politics.

For two and a half years, we were told every health measure, every curfew, travel limit, school, business and playground closure was based on health advice.

Time and again, Daniel Andrews refused to release the advice his lockdowns were based upon and arrogantly dismissed anyone who questioned him.

Now finally, the Health Minister has been forced to come clean and admit she has rejected advice from the Acting Chief Health Officer, because for Labor, it’s all about politics.

Seven months ago, Labor introduced a mask mandate when we had fewer deaths and no flu.

Seven months ago, Labor ridiculed others for ignoring advice on mask mandates.

Now they have done the same.

Instead of preparing our health system, Daniel Andrews is still playing political games with COVID. He will never change.

Instead of delivering the promised 4,000 ICU beds and staff – Daniel Andrews ran polling on locked down Victorians over his government’s mismanagement of COVID.

Instead of being open and transparent with Victorians – Daniel Andrews blocked the release of health advice and wasted millions covering up the failings in Hotel Quarantine.

Instead of fixing the health crisis his own mismanagement has created – Daniel Andrews has ripped $2 billion from the health budget.

For Labor, it has never been about health – and it never will be.

Matthew Guy MP

Leader of the Liberal Party

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