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Labor’s hollow health promises means billions in more taxes

Victorians will be slugged with at least $2.3 billion in new taxes to pay for Daniel Andrews’ unfunded health promises.

After eight years of mismanagement and neglect, over the past week, Daniel Andrews has made a series of panicked health announcements totalling $2.3 billion.

With Victoria’s debt the equivalent of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania combined – the only way Daniel Andrews can pay for his promises is with new taxes or even more debt – which only forces taxes higher.

Daniel Andrews has introduced or increased 43 new taxes and charges since 2014. He will do it again.

In clear contrast to Daniel Andrews’ higher taxes, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to fix the health crisis without hitting household budgets.

By shelving Daniel Andrews’ $35 billion pet project – the Cheltenham to Box Hill rail line – and reprioritising every single cent into health, we will fix the health crisis without new or increased taxes.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said Daniel Andrews would slug Victorians to pay for the crisis he had created.

“Years of neglect and mismanagement by Daniel Andrews caused this crisis and now he wants to tax Victorians to clean up his mess.”

“Victorians deserve a health system they can have confidence in, not be forced into paying billions in new taxes to fix a crisis that Labor has created.”

“Only the Liberals and Nationals will deliver real solutions to fix the health crisis without more taxes.”

“This November, Victorians have a clear choice. Real solutions to fix the health crisis or billions in new taxes and more debt.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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