Labor’s homeless numbers shame

This week is National Homelessness Week, and sadly for Victoria’s most vulnerable people, the waiting list for priority housing continues to rise. The Andrews Government’s record is a disgrace, yet they are staying silent.

Since coming to Government in 2014, the priority housing waiting list has blown-out from 9,900 Victorian families to 30,500 in 2022.

Despite claiming to have spent billions of dollars on solving this out-of-control problem, the Andrews Labor Government still has less public housing available in 2022 than there was in 2014 - 8 years ago.

A lack of new public and affordable housing has pushed the waiting list in Victoria up to 64,000 families in 2022.

The lack of accessible and affordable housing in Regional Victoria is particularly acute. The increase in people looking for urgent housing has spiked according to the Government’s most recent figures, with massive increases across the State; Geelong up 618%, Horsham up 403%, Ballarat up 649% and Warrnambool with an extraordinary increase of 2816%.

The numbers show a consistent increase from 2014 to 2022, indicating that Covid is not the sole cause. On average, there is an increase in 358 families per quarter who require housing assistance under this government.

There is real suffering behind these numbers with appeals from social and community organisations across the state for more to be done.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Richard Riordan, said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable, and this terrible housing shortage reflects very badly on the Andrews Labor Government.

“The Andrews Labor Government is all talk and no action. Billions of dollars have been spent on unfinished projects in Melbourne while the most basic of Government responsibilities – ensuring Victorians have somewhere to live – has been ignored.”

“We need more safe and affordable housing, but the Andrews Labor Government fails to deliver.”

“A Liberals and Nationals Government will reduce taxes and reduce red tape to bring more affordable and accessible housing to the market and get those in need into appropriate housing.”

Richard Riordan MP

Shadow Minister for Housing