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Labor’s key links to Lawyer X scandal need to come clean

Revelations that former Brumby Government Police Minister, Bob Cameron, was integral to keeping the lid on the Lawyer X scandal just prior to the 2010 State Election, raises serious questions about who knew what and when. Bob Cameron has a duty to come clean and disclose the full facts about the $2.88 million payout to Nicola Gobbo.

Similarly, Daniel Andrews needs to disclose whether he knew of the payment at the time, and if he knew the Victoria Police informer status of Nicola Gobbo, given he was then Health Minister and a senior member of Cabinet.

But the dodgy links don’t stop there.

If Daniel Andrews was unaware of this payment in late 2010, he needs to reveal whether upon becoming the Leader of the Opposition, he was advised by his then Chief of Staff, Brett Curran, who had previously been Chief of Staff to Bob Cameron as Police Minister. Commander Curran is now Chief of Staff to Chief Commissioner Ashton.

It’s time for those who had knowledge of this murky affair to come clean with the Victorian community. Millions of dollars has already been spent in fighting the release of the facts, it’s time for the truth to finally be revealed and for Victoria Police to comply with the directions of the current Royal Commission and file all relevant witness statements and other documents requested urgently.

Victorians deserve to know the truth, the integrity of the Victorian justice system demands nothing less.

Questions that need to be answered:

Which current Labor ministers and staffers also knew about the multi-million dollar payment to Ms Gobbo?

Did Bob Cameron know of Nicola Gobbo’s work as a police informant?

Was the $2.88 million taxpayer-funded payment to Nicola Gobbo signed off by Cabinet? If so, was Daniel Andrews or any other current Labor MP present at Cabinet at the time?

When did Brett Curran - former Chief of Staff to Bob Cameron, then Chief of Staff to Daniel Andrews, now Chief of Staff to Graham Ashton – tell Daniel Andrews about the multi-million dollar payout to lawyer turned police informer Nicola Gobbo?

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“This Lawyer X scandal has now reached the top echelons of the Labor Government.

“Daniel Andrews must come clean with what he knew about this scandal which is now subject to a Royal Commission.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“Daniel Andrews needs to ensure that the Royal Commission has the time, resources and information it needs to get to the bottom of this murky mess.

“Senior members of the Labor Party have had nine years to come clean with what they knew about this mess, and yet they have continued to cover up what they know.”

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