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Labor’s lack of a plan has pushed family violence and stalking offences to record highs

Crime Statistics Agency data, released today, shows incidents of family violence and stalking at record highs, as Victorians struggle through COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions caused by the Andrews Labor Government’s botched response and poor recovery plan. There has been an alarming 8.9 per cent increase in family violence-related offences, over the 12 months to 30 June 2021. During this reporting period, 25 additional family violence offences occurred each and every day as Victorians have struggled through protracted lockdowns, harsh restrictions and extreme economic, social and mental health stresses.

Concerningly, over the reporting period there has been a 22 per cent increase in stalking, a 20 per cent increase in harassment and private nuisances and a 9 per cent increase in threatening behaviour. Figures also revealed significant increases in several offence categories over the 12 months to 30 June 2021, including;

  • Family violence-related common assault up 4.5 per cent

  • Family violence-related breaches of orders up 15.1 per cent

  • Possess drug manufacturing equipment or precursor up 78.7 per cent

  • Assault against emergency services worker up 9.8% - a record number of 3,354

  • Sexual offences up 44.1 per cent

Up to 1,500 frontline police have been redeployed into COVID-19 restriction enforcement and hotel quarantine. This has meant fewer police on the beat to prevent crime and respond to calls for assistance.

Community safety continues to be a casualty of Labor’s failed COVID-19 response and our state desperately needs a new plan to get frontline police back in local communities to keep Victorians safe.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety & Victim Support, Brad Battin:

“Today confirms Victorians’ worst fears, that Labor’s lockdowns have driven family violence to record highs.

“With so many frontline police enforcing Daniel Andrews’ mandates, it’s no wonder that serious offending has spiked and fewer victims are getting the support they desperately need.

“Labor’s failed COVID-19 response has taken family violence from bad to worse. Victorians desperately need a new plan to reverse this trend.

“Daniel Andrews must act now to protect vulnerable Victorians from family violence, stalking and other heinous crimes.”

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