Labor’s land tax grab

Land tax collections have increased from $1,751 million to $3,433 million or 96.1% since the election of the Andrews Labor Government.

Mum and dad property owners are the backbone of Victoria’s rental market. At a time when cost of living pressures are sky-high, the Andrews Labor Government is making rent less affordable for ordinary Victorians, by excessively taxing mum and dad property owners through land tax hikes.

For example, the land tax charged to one Victorian’s property increased this year alone from $4,025 to $6,335 or by over 50%.

Perhaps the mean-spirited nature of Daniel Andrews and Labor’s tax hikes can be attributed to the fact that those most likely to be affected by Labor’s tax policies, senior Victorians, are, as a member of the Premier’s Private Office describes as, just simply “whingeing baby boomers”.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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