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Labor’s level crossing cost cover-up

Labor Leader in the Upper House, Gavin Jennings, has today refused to disclose the cost of the 29 completed level crossing removals. The Andrews Labor Government must know the cost because these projects are now complete.

Why won’t Daniel Andrews and his Ministers provide a breakdown of the costs of each and every one of these crossing removals?

What do they have to hide?

What cost overruns and cost blowouts are they so desperate to cover up?

We know that Labor has spent an estimated $3.958 billion of taxpayers’ money on level crossing removals to date, and taxpayers have a right to know if these funds were allocated wisely.

Labor wouldn’t provide this information before the election and it still won’t provide it after the election.

This is Daniel Andrews’ secret state where the details of the expenditure of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is withheld from the public.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metro) and Transport Infrastructure

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