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Labor’s lies exposed over fire service response times

It is shameful that Labor’s Emergency Services Minister, Lisa Neville, would use the recent bushfire crisis as an excuse for not releasing fire service response times as promised.

As revealed in today’s Herald Sun, Minister Neville has once again cynically attempted to use the recent bushfires as cover for Labor not keeping its promise to Victorians.

It was only after Labor’s failure to release the April - June 2019 and July - September 2019 data was questioned by the Liberal Nationals that Minister Neville came clean and released the data.

In 2017, Labor vowed to release fire service response times every three months.

However, time and time again this data is only released when Labor’s failure to release it is called out by the Liberal Nationals.

Six months ago, when the April - June 2019 data was due to be released, bushfires were not burning.

It is a disgraceful display of cynical politicking by Labor to use the recent bushfires as an excuse to not keep its promise to the community.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

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