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Labor’s Loop Levy – how much will homeowners pay?

Labor has admitted it will raise a great big new tax – the Loop Levy – to help pay the cost of their $35 billion Cheltenham to Box Hill rail line.

Yesterday, a Government spokeswoman confirmed that Labor will impose a Loop Levy on property developers, if re-elected.

Everyone knows that taxes levied on property developers are passed straight on to mum and dad homeowners and purchasers.

Daniel Andrews claims that he can build the $35 billion Cheltenham to Box Hill rail line and fix the health system.

But the fact is, with a record $167.5 billion of state debt, more than New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania combined, the only way he can do that is by raising taxes – as he has now admitted he will do.

Labor must now answer;

  • Who exactly will be subject to this new tax?

  • How much will this new tax cost family homeowners?

  • How will it be levied?

  • How much will be raised?

In contrast, by shelving the Cheltenham to Box Hill rail line and redirecting every available cent, we can fix the health system without raising taxes.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said Victorians deserved to know the truth over Labor’s Loop Levy.

“It’s now clear that whether it’s taxpayers or homeowners, the extraordinary cost of Labor’s rail line will fall to ordinary Victorians.”

“Daniel Andrews must come clean and explain how hard families will be hit by his great big new tax.”

“The only way to fix the health crisis without raising taxes is to vote Liberals and Nationals on November 26.”

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