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Labor’s Metro rail fail continues for 14th consecutive month

February metropolitan train performance figures confirm what the daily performance data had foreshadowed – that Melbourne working commuters can’t rely on a Labor run train network to get them to where they need to go – when they need to get there.

Under Labor’s watch, 11 out of 16 lines on the metro train network failed to deliver services at the required punctuality in February – with the whole of network also failing to run services at the required punctuality levels for the 14th consecutive month.

The Liberal Nationals can do better – and did do better with 14 of 16 lines delivering services at and above Labor’s much hailed and then failed punctuality standard – in November 2014; the last month of the Coalition government.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan) David Davis:

“The Coalition inherited metropolitan trains performing at 87.2% (November 2010) punctuality, and delivered a metro system performing at 94.3% punctuality by November 2014 – a substantial improvement of 7.1 percentage points.”

“Despite the billions spent on rail infrastructure projects and endless empty promises under the Metro contract signed in 2017, all Daniel Andrews and Labor have delivered to metro rail commuters is a serious dive in punctuality.”

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