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Labor’s missed opportunity to reboot the Victorian economy

The Andrews Government has missed a major opportunity to make sure that public transport could play a key role in reviving the economy.

Small businesses need to get back to work and small firms of all types need the economy to move again – public transport is a key part of this but Andrews has failed to do the necessary planning.

The Andrews Government failed to offer any solutions today such as additional off-peak services and staggered workplace hours.

If the State Government had done the background work and planning, Victoria would be in a position where many businesses would be able to open up further and our transport infrastructure would have greater capacity.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“The work on public transport planning should have been done ahead of time.

“It's a bit like a VCE student who knows the exam is in November, but doesn't do the work ahead of time.

“Daniel Andrews should have been better prepared and his Government should have been in a position to go forward with a greater opening of the economy.”

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