Labor’s Planning Minister caught out… again

In Question Time today Labor’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, was caught out playing fast and loose with the truth about his meetings with disgraced developer John Woodman and his associates.

Two weeks ago in Question Time Richard Wynne said:

“The assertion… that I had met with Mr Woodman is completely false.”

Yet in evidence heard at IBAC yesterday, John Woodman’s associate Megan Schutz said about a meeting with the Minister:

“I asked Mr Wynne in the abstract whether he had a planning scheme amendment sitting on his desk…and if his general position would be to approve it?”

This comes off the back of Richard Wynne blocking numerous FOI requests for information about meetings and correspondence between himself and his office and disgraced developer John Woodman.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage, Tim Smith:

“Labor’s Planning Minister has been caught out, he now must fess up about exactly where and when he’s met with this dodgy developer.

“Richard Wynne is playing Victorians for mugs, he can’t just keep changing his story and expect Victorians to cop him fudging the truth.”

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