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Labor’s protection racket in full force as President stops Question Time

Questions to embattled Health Minister Jenny Mikakos have been blocked in the Legislative Council after the Labor President ruled the infamous Bali trip, while bushfires ravaged regional Victoria, was not in the public interest.

Under Parliament’s Standing Orders, questions can be asked to Ministers relating to public affairs for which the Minister is directly connected.

However, despite the Minister directly connected to this issue the President ruled the questions out, in a blatant protection racket stance for his factional colleague.

While East Gippsland and North East Victoria were on fire, emergency services were warning Victorians of the extreme heat conditions, concerns were raised about drinkable water quality and residents and holidaymakers were told to leave the bushfire areas and evacuate, the Minister continued to party in Bali.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“If the Minister is not accountable to Victorians in the community or the Parliament about her lack of action during a health crisis, she may as well hand in her resignation now.

“Questions on why the Minister was in Bali rather than address the demand on health services and hospitals, distribution of masks, effects of smoke across Victoria and drinkable water quality in our dams should have been answered by the Minister today.

“Victorians deserve answers to Victoria’s health response during the bushfire crisis, not a closed shop protection racket for the person who was supposed to be in charge.”

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