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Labor’s stunning backdown on housing tax

Daniel Andrews’ Labor government is crumbling at its foundations after a humiliating backdown on its planned new tax on housing.

Labor’s plan to hit new residential developments with a 1.75 per cent levy would have added around $20,000 to the cost of an average new build, and received wide-spread backlash since announced less than two weeks ago.

Shadow Treasurer David Davis said the government was in disarray.

“Daniel Andrews would rather bully industry to conform with its plans rather than work with them on agreement that best reflects the interests of all Victorians,” he said.

“The fact that planning reforms, which would help address the issue of housing affordability in our state, aren’t considered unless you agree to a big new tax speaks volumes on how this government operates,

“The Liberals and Nationals have a plan to rebuild Victoria and our position is clear; no new taxes.”

While Labor says it won’t introduce its planned housing tax if re-elected, it has shown it can’t be trusted.

The only way to ensure no new taxes is to change the government in November.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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