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Labor’s Treasurer running and hiding over meetings with developer currently before IBAC

In Question Time today Labor’s Treasurer, Tim Pallas, was grilled over a meeting he had with the son of the developer who is currently the subject of an IBAC investigation due to allegations of serious corruption.

The IBAC has released the transcript of a phone call between Heath Woodman and his developer father, John Woodman, in which Heath Woodman articulated the enthusiastic support Mr Pallas had expressed for a development project.

Mr Pallas refused to answer when questioned about what development projects were discussed that prompted Heath Woodman to be so enthusiastic about the Treasurer’s support.

And despite being asked twice whether or not public servants were present and notes taken at the meeting between the Treasurer and Heath Woodman, Mr Pallas refused to answer.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“Tim Pallas needs to stop ducking and weaving and instead be upfront and honest with Victorians about his involvement in this grubby affair.

“If Tim Pallas has nothing to hide, why won’t he answer these simple questions about his meetings with this developer?”

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