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Labor says it supports regional jobs - except when it doesn’t

Labor’s Jobs Minister was grilled in Question Time today over his hypocritical statements supporting jobs in the greyhound industry while selling out jobs in Victoria’s native timber industry.

In Parliament this week Labor’s Jobs Minister Martin Pakula defended Labor’s reckless decision to close down Victoria’s sustainable native timber industry, but just yesterday said of the greyhound racing industry:

“No, the government is not in the business of shutting down industries which are the lifeblood of regional communities and which employee thousands and thousands of people.”

Victoria’s sustainable native timber industry is the lifeblood of regional communities and employs thousands of people but for Labor these jobs are not as important as trying to win Greens Party preferences.

It is shameful that Daniel Andrews and his Labor colleagues are prepared to back one industry that employs “thousands and thousands of people” in regional Victoria but then sacrifice another.

The Liberal Nationals support the native timber industry and the workers who rely on it.

We won’t sell them out as Daniel Andrews has done.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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