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Labor slugs Victorians with more cost of living fees

Victorians will be paying for the Andrews Labor Government’s financial mismanagement following a whopping 50 per cent increase in the cost of a Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate.

Labor’s new or increased tax or charge announced on Monday is expected to cost Victorians $3.5 million per year, with Daniel Andrews to scoop up $14 million in additional revenue.

Daniel Andrews claims “the increase in fees would bring Victoria’s fees more in line with corresponding fees in other jurisdictions”. Yet before the 2014 election, he promised Victorians there would be no new or increased taxes.

These whopping increases will make it more expensive for Victorians to be born, get married and even to die at a time when families, workers and businesses are struggling with the cost of living.

Make no mistake, Victoria has become the highest taxing state due to Daniel Andrews’ financial incompetence and his mismanagement of so many major projects and waste.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, David Davis:

“This is an outrageous new tax that seeks to make money off Victorians’ celebrations or grieving, and another broken promise since Labor came to office in 2014.

“Daniel Andrews is in desperate search for money to plug the holes created by his ongoing project mismanagement and waste.

“Instead of helping Victorians rebuild and recover for the future, this will only see Victoria fall further behind and leave less money for families.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Dr Matt Bach:

“Increasing these fees for Births, Deaths and Marriages certificates by 50 per cent will only slap Victorians with yet another cost of living pressure.

“At this rate we can expect to see Labor increase fees across the whole legal system to plug its financial holes and waste, with Victorians left to foot the bill.”

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