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Latest road toll data highlights Daniel Andrews’ poor road safety priorities

The Andrews Labor Government has taken its eyes off the worsening road toll, with the latest data showing their poor priorities are costing motorists’ lives.

On Victorian roads, 29 lives have been lost since we emerged from the latest lockdown on October 21 this year.

This data proves that the Andrews Labor Government’s road safety strategy for Victoria has failed and needs an urgent overhaul.

Instead of doing something meaningful about the road toll, the government has given Yarra City Council a $22,000 taxpayer-funded Transport Accident Commission grant to erect a sculpture of a giant banana.

Labor must get serious about road safety and invest in fixing the road conditions to make our roads safer for motorists across the state.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, Brad Battin:

“Road deaths are up and Labor has no plan to fix the worsening conditions on our roads.

“Daniel Andrews has shown he can’t manage budgets, can’t manage projects, and now the evidence is plain that he has no idea about road safety.

“Only the Liberal Nationals will have a meaningful plan to reduce the danger on our roads. The Andrews Labor Government, meanwhile, erect statues of fruit.”

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