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Liberal Nationals call for more small business support

The Victorian Liberal Nationals call on Victorian and Australian Governments to deliver significant support to Victorian small businesses facing closure or severe financial distress due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many small businesses that have not yet been required to close are still facing massive financial pain, as customers take the advice of health officials and stay home.

This is having a devastating effect on the incomes of many small businesses across Victoria, especially in retail, accommodation and hospitality.

It is vital that we keep as many small businesses as possible open - or in a position to re-open - once this crisis passes.

Fixed costs such as rental have the capacity to kill many small businesses during this time. Support for small businesses as tenants is critical.

Taxes including land tax and council rates are also an impost, which many small businesses will struggle to manage in the current circumstances.

Victoria has yet to match NSW’s payroll tax relief, which is a missed opportunity that can and should be addressed.

If we want to revive our economy, if we want to rebuild our communities, more must be done to support small business during this pandemic.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Small Business and Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Small businesses are the beating heart of local economies and local communities. We need to help them to survive this terrible pandemic.

“Even those businesses not required to shut down face closing their doors because of a loss of income.

“It is so important for Victoria that our small businesses are in a position to remain open, or to re-open, once this crisis passes.

“Small businesses and the jobs they provide will be essential to re-building after this COVID-19 crisis has passed.

“I am calling on all levels of government to do more to help our struggling small businesses.”

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