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Liberal Nationals call for the release of all audits of Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine facilities

Over the past week there have been numerous separate cases of COVID-19 being transmitted to Hotel Quarantine workers, and even between residents, leaving staff, returned travellers and the Victorian community.

Lisa Neville arrogantly assured Victorians on 16 December 2020 at a hearing during Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, that returned travellers and staff would not be exposed to COVID-19 in the reset Hotel Quarantine Program.

Despite these false promises, Victorians have contracted COVID-19 in Hotel Quarantine due to the failure of basic infection control.

Yesterday, we saw Victorian President of the Australian Medical Association, Professor Julian Rait call on the Government to release the original ventilation audit into the Holiday Inn.

In the interests of transparency and confidence, the Andrews Labor Government needs to immediately release the results of audits done on every hotel being used as a quarantine facility.

If audits have not been done on all 22 of the current facilities, then they must be done immediately and their findings shared with the Victorian public promptly.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“The Andrews Labor Government must release the ventilation audits of all Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine facilities to restore trust and confidence to this failing program.

“If a facility has any issues with ventilation or airflow it must immediately be shut down and the quarantined travellers housed in a safe and fit for purpose facility.

“It is an incredible failure of policy if returned travellers are being exposed to COVID-19 in hotel quarantine.”

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