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Liberal Nationals call for urgent plan to get stranded Victorians home from New South Wales

Thousands of Victorians are still stuck in New South Wales after the Andrews Labor Government closed the border to all but essential workers and those granted exemptions.

Of the thousands of exemption applications being made, only a fraction are being permitted entry, leaving many Victorians in limbo.

With many stranded Victorians paying for accommodation, using up all their leave entitlements, and losing their jobs, this cruel policy of denying Victorians entry to their own state risks making people unemployed and destitute if they are not permitted to return home soon.

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to implement common-sense solutions to allow people to return home safely. This could involve PCR tests before and after arrival, 14 days of quarantine at home or in a designated facility, and rapid testing throughout the quarantine period.

There are ways to get Victorians home from New South Wales and the Andrews Labor Government is yet again guilty of having no plan on making that happen.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Victorians stuck in New South Wales must not be abandoned by the Andrews Labor Government. A plan must be implemented that provides a safe way for Victorians to return home soon.

“I continue to be contacted by distressed Victorians stuck in New South Wales who are running out of money and leave entitlements, risk losing their jobs, and are desperate to just come home.

“Labor has had months to figure out how to get Victorians back safely and yet stranded Victorians have been abandoned. The government needs to act now to fix this appalling situation.”

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