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Liberal Nationals lead, Labor follows on drug-drivers costing lives

In Question Time in Parliament today Premier Daniel Andrews conceded that action is needed to change laws that allow drug-drivers off with soft penalties.

This comes months after Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien announced that the Liberal Nationals would bring drug-driving penalties into line with those applicable to drink-driving.

When sentencing a drug-driving offender earlier this month Magistrate Frank Holzer stated that:

There's a gap in the legislative regime where drug drivers don't have the same consequences as drink drivers and I really hope that situation changes."

Not only is Victoria’s road toll at a shocking high, with 59 more Victorians having tragically lost their lives on the road than the same time last year, but drug drivers are also now more prevalent in road deaths than drink drivers.

Labor has taken too long to act. Too many lives have been lost. Daniel Andrews must act urgently on calls from the Victorian judiciary to increase the penalties for drug-driving in Victoria.

Every day that Labor fails to toughen penalties for drug-driving, the lives of Victorian motorists are at risk.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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