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Liberal Nationals move to extend critical work to eliminate family violence


Too many lives are still being lost and families destroyed by the scourge of family violence.

Each and every day, lives continue to be at risk. Victoria cannot afford to walk back efforts to eliminate family violence.

Today, State Parliament will debate the Liberal Nationals’ amendment to extend the critical work of the Family Violence Implementation Reform Monitor (FVIRM).

It also includes changes to ensure the Monitor can be truly independent and to increase transparency by measuring the results of the Monitor’s work - not just outputs.

Without support from the Andrews Labor Government to pass the Liberal Nationals’ amendment, the FVIRM’s important work will not continue past the end of 2020.

Statistics show the number of recorded family violence incidents has risen most years since 2012-13, by as much as 10 per cent in some years. The percentage of incidents where Victoria Police has laid charges has also risen year-on-year (by as much as 4.6%). Source:

Crime Statistics Agency Victoria

The scourge of family violence must be tackled in a clear and transparent way that recognises the long term, co-ordinated effort that will be required to help victims to get their lives back.

The Liberal Nationals’ Family Violence Implementation Reform Monitor Amendment Bill will be second read in the Legislative Council today.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Emma Kealy

Tackling the scourge of family violence is a generational project that must be monitored and measured free of political direction or influence and that’s exactly what this Bill will do.

Too many families continue to be destroyed by violence in the home, yet Labor plans to further cut funding to the sector.

With $4 billion of budget cuts looming, Daniel Andrews must guarantee that important front line family violence services are not cut, putting the lives of vulnerable Victorians at risk.

Comment attributable to Shadow Attorney-General Edward O’Donohue

Daniel Andrews’ plan to shut down the work of the Family Violence Royal Commission Implementation Monitor is wrong and will reduce transparency.

Daniel Andrews should put politics aside, focus on community safety and support the Liberal Nationals Private Members’ Bill.

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