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Liberal Nationals to introduce bin tax transparency clause

The Liberal Nationals will today attempt to introduce a transparency clause into rates notices across the state that would see Councils have to itemise the costs of its rubbish collection and services.

It comes on the back of Labor’s announcement last week that will see its bin tax double, adding even more pressure to Victorian households.

In the clause that will be introduced into parliament today, Councils will have to disclose:

· the total waste levy paid by the Council in the previous financial year

· the estimated waste charges to be paid by the Council

· the size of landfill levy payments estimated to be made

· the amount per tonne of landfill levy to be paid

· the amount in tonnes by waste stream estimated to be collected

· the name of the authority that will levy the landfill levy

· the name of authority to which the payment of the landfill levy will be made

· the total municipal cost and the average cost for each rateable property within the municipal district of the collection, management and administration of each of the four streams of household waste designated by the Government of Victoria, or of any other number of streams of household waste designated in the municipal district.

The Andrews Labor Government announced last week that it would double the cost of the bin tax and force all households to have four bins, adding a substantial cost burden to councils and ultimately household budgets.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, David Davis:

“This is the cost of Labor, Andrews has buggered the budget and Victorians will be the ones paying for this.

“Victorians deserve transparency when it comes to Labor’s billion dollar bin tax grab.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Local Government, Tim Smith:

“Andrews is more interested in emptying your wallet than your bin.

“Victoria is already the highest taxed state in the country and now Labor will further slug Victorians with its billion dollar bin tax.”

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