Local RSL’s still seeking clarity on Remembrance Day ruling

One week from Remembrance Day and many RSL-Sub Branches remain unsure about coronavirus restrictions and enforcement of vaccination status.

Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs Tim Bull said more clarity was needed.

“Remembrance Day has always had strong support from all sides, but we are at a stage where information applicable to services on November 11 needs to be specifically outlined,” Mr Bull said.

“It is not good enough for the Minister to say this is a matter for RSL Victoria, because it is State Government guidelines that need clarity.

“I’m aware of one Sub-Branch that has been told to apply the density quotient of one person per two square metres, so they are looking to access a trundle wheel to estimate the open space around the Cenotaph to see how many can attend.

“Surely we can provide these volunteers with more assistance and accuracy in their preparations.”

Mr Bull added there also remained confusion around the checking of vaccination status of attendees.

“The Premier has said those who attend services will need to be double vaccinated, but there has been no advice on who is expected to enforce this, or how,” Mr Bull said.

“Traditional services in country towns have people wandering into the Main Street from all directions for services, so Sub-Branches are asking if they need to have perimeter fencing, so all present can be checked for vaccination status.

“While it should have been done weeks ago, what we need now is some very clear guidelines to be released by the Minister.”