Melbourne to hold world record no city wants

Before the pandemic, Melbourne was the most liveable city in the world. Now we’re the most locked down.

Today Melbourne will equal Buenos Aires for the longest lockdown in the world.

This is not a world record any of us are proud of.

Despite our sacrifices, Victoria has recorded the most COVID-19 deaths in the nation. We’ve recorded the most cases per capita of any Australian state and more than half of Australia’s current active cases are in Victoria.

But there’s more pain still to come despite 246 torturous days in isolation, as Daniel Andrews’ roadmap lays out more weeks of lockdown with no guarantee he’ll stick to his word for more freedoms in late October.

Every single day since the pandemic started, the Liberal Nationals have stood up for families, businesses and communities as the Andrews Labor Government systematically destroyed our lives and livelihoods.

As vaccination rates rise, the Liberals and Nationals have offered positive steps forward for Victoria to reopen, rebuild and recover.

The Government has adopted some of these measures, including:

  • Introducing picnic bubbles so families could spend time together,

  • Reopening playgrounds to children, after closing them at a moment’s notice and without being supported by public health advice,

  • Implementing a trial of rapid testing to prevent the spread of COVID, and;

  • Developing a pathway to get Victorians stranded by State border closures home – where they belong.

Over coming days and weeks, the Victorian Liberal Nationals will continue to outline our positive plans to get Victoria back on track.

Today, as daylight savings begins, we call on the Government to end its curfew for good.

This curfew is not backed by evidence. It should never have been imposed on Melburnians.

Instead of continuing to play politics with this pandemic, as we saw yesterday from Treasurer Tim Pallas with another childish spray at the Commonwealth, Daniel Andrews must own his mistakes.

Again, we call on the Andrews Government to release the public health advice behind every decision and every restriction.

After 18 months in and out of lockdown, of sacrificing time with the people we love most, of missed birthdays, weddings and funerals, of cancelled major events and sports seasons we deserve to know the truth of why the Government is still taking our freedoms from us.

Victorians deserve certainty.

We deserve an end to the mixed messaging and the Premier’s chaotic daily reshuffling that leaves Victorian families, workers and businesses struggling to keep up.

Victoria needs an end date. A day we can look towards with hope that there’s a path out of the crippling mess Daniel Andrews’ decisions have created.