Metro train punctuality fails on 17 of 23 workdays in July

After a 100% punctuality fail on workdays in June, July’s daily metropolitan train performance figures confirm that Melbourne commuters still can’t rely on our train network.

Melbourne’s train network is failing to get commuters where they need to, when it matters to them most - during the working week.

Melbourne’s trains failed to meet their punctuality targets on 17 of the 23 weekdays in July.

The data shows the worst day was Tuesday 16 July, when only 83.0% of services were on time at their destination, a dismal performance against a target of 92.0% and a further 10 days performed below 90% punctuality.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis:

“After the disastrous 100% punctuality fail on every workday in June, Labor’s inept Transport Minister, Melissa Horne, has again failed to ensure Melbourne commuters can get to work on time.”

“Rail performance is abysmal under Daniel Andrews and Labor meaning more time trying to get home, and less time with family and friends.”

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