Mining industry future threatened by Andrews Labor Government bureaucracy

The future of the Victorian minerals industry is under threat due to a lack of transparency and excessive red tape from the Andrews Labor Government.

Concerns have been raised about the North Central Victorian Goldfields Ground Release with a nearly two-year delay in announcement of the successful tenders. Successful tenders are meant to be approved within six months and no reason has been given for the delays.

Minister for Resources, Jaala Pulford’s claim that the tender process is confidential does not provide any explanation to the industry or the Victorian public who at the end of the day, actually own the resources.

Local and global investors need to know that their investments are secure and have clarity around regulatory conditions and approval delays they may face in Victoria.

Unfortunately, Victoria is currently ranked poorly by the internationally renowned Fraser Institute in comparison to other developed nations as a place to do business in mining and resources due to these kinds of delays.

Unless the Andrews Labor Government removes their excessive red tape, Victoria will lose future investment in our minerals industry, at a time when we desperately need economic stimulus.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Resources, Richard Riordan

“The valuable mining industry in Victoria needs transparency and security in order to plan ahead. Mining is a long-term high value commitment and Labor has created a hostile environment for this industry.

“As we look to a profitable and sustainable future it is imperative that we maximise the benefits and opportunities that our Mining, Engineering, Technology and Services (METS) provides to all Victorians.

“As we head towards a reduced carbon future, we must provide Victorians with minerals that have been sourced sustainably, responsibly and locally.

“Daniel Andrews needs to get out of the way and let the Victorian minerals industry get on with the important role they play in recovering and rebuilding Victoria.”