Minister Horne drops a set 0-6 as tram strikes drag on

Today's tram strikes have caused confusion and chaos for commuters and visitors to the Australian Open.

This is now the sixth time that trams have been affected by industrial action under embattled Transport Minister, Melissa Horne.

Strikes occurring today and those set for later this week are a major embarrassment and will harm Melbourne’s international reputation as a host of major events.

Victorians cannot afford for Minister Horne to be “asleep at the wheel” while this ugly industrial dispute drags on.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Nick Wakeling:

“How many more strikes must commuters and Australian Open visitors endure while Transport Minister Melissa Horne does nothing?

“It's time for the Premier to step in, and sideline his Minister who has been "missing in action" as this industrial dispute has dragged on."

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