Minister Mikakos, how many COVID-19 testing kits are available in Victoria?

Embattled Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has refused to detail how many available swabs and COVID-19 testing kits are available in Victoria.

Last night, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton announced a shortage of testing materials available and called on medical personnel to only test those who meet the suspected case definition.

However, under questioning in State Parliament this afternoon, Minister Mikakos refused to detail how many tests were still available and how many days Victoria has until we run out of equipment.

In early February, Mikakos told the Parliament “from the start of the outbreak in China, Victoria has been preparing our health system in case it did come to our shores”.

Reports from Victorian GPs and health experts have claimed Victoria may only have 10,000 tests available and we are weeks away from completely running out.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Victoria is in the midst of a State of Emergency and a public health crisis, yet for the most basic question on testing equipment, the Health Minister deliberately refuses to answer.

“How can any Victorian trust Andrews and Mikakos that our public health crisis is under control when the Health Minister refuses to tell Victorians how ill prepared we actually are.”

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