Money for fixing country roads being used to fix wire rope barriers

Money that should be used to fix potholes, crumbling road shoulders and cut roadside grass is being diverted to repair damaged wire rope barriers it has been revealed.

Under questioning at Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearings today, VicRoads Chief Executive Officer Robyn Seymour revealed that repairs to wire rope barriers that have sustained damaged are being funded from VicRoads Routine Maintenance fund as well as the TAC.

Ms Seymour also stated that ordinarily the fund was used for maintenance such as fixing potholes and cutting grass on roadsides.

As the rollout of wire rope barriers continues, it is expected that maintenance costs will also rise.

How many potholes will go unfixed, how many roadsides will have dangerously long grass because money is being spent on fixing wire rope barriers?

Our regional and rural roads are already in a shocking state and under the Andrews Labor Government they are only going to get worse.

Roma Britnell MP

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads

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