Mordialloc Bypass more than $220 million over budget

Daniel Andrews and Labor committed to delivering the Mordialloc Bypass in 2017-18 with a price tag of $300 million to the taxpayer.

This $300 million project is now costing over $522 million which is a budget blow out of more than $223 million – almost 75 per cent more than what Daniel Andrews said it would cost.

Daniel Andrews has failed to properly scope, failed to properly manage, and failed to properly control costs.

Daniel Andrews in an interview on 29 June 2021 said of his government’s abject failure to contain costs, “Things cost what they ultimately cost” and “Anyone that’s done a kitchen renno for heaven’s sake knows”.

This is not a kitchen renovation, Premier. You and your Government are spending precious, hard earned public money on the back of Labor’s 36 new taxes and debt you have signed up to. The public have a right to expect this money not be wasted and squandered.

Victorians also deserve better than a critical road project with a cost blow out of more than $220 million – costing almost 75 per cent more than the original quote.

Victorians are being let down by Labor’s budget blowouts - billions across major projects, constant waste and mismanagement.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Treasurer, David Davis:

“Despite Daniel Andrews saying “I say what I do and I do what I say” it is clear he and Labor don’t. The Mordialloc Bypass costs have blown out by more than $220 million, almost 75 per cent more than he and Labor said it would cost.

“Labor’s failure to plan, scope, manage and control costs on the Mordialloc Bypass Project means more than $220 million less is available to support all Victorians through the COVID-19 crisis and our recovery.”