More buck passing but no action on Victoria’s cladding crisis

Revelations today that Labor will establish yet another government agency, “Cladding Safety Victoria,” will come as cold comfort to Victorians who are rightly distressed about the dangerous flammable cladding surrounding their homes.

People are fearful their homes are now fire traps and expect the government to help them in a time of crisis.

Labor and Planning Minister, Do-nothing Dick Wynne, have failed to take any meaningful action on this crisis engulfing Victoria, other than to immediately remove cladding from his own office.

It is now 572 days since Labor said they were “taking action on cladding”, the time for action is now. The time for excuses is over.

Daniel Andrews and Richard Wynne have had long enough. Residents homes aren’t safe, their primary asset are worthless, through no fault of their own their lives are being ruined, and the best this Labor government can come up with is a new authority.

This is a joke, we need action now, before someone is killed by this highly combustible material.

Tim Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

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