More health secrecy and spin rather than real solutions

The Andrews Labor Government continues to show contempt for the Victorian public over the health crisis Daniel Andrews’ own mismanagement has caused.

For the second time, a scheduled meeting of the Parliamentary Pandemic Declaration Accountability and Oversight Committee was cancelled because Government MPs ‘weren’t available’.

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier slammed the move.

“It says everything about this government’s approach to the pandemic: command and control rather than consultation,” Ms Crozier said.

“We’ve seen how the Chief Health Officer appears to have been muzzled and now the important oversight process is trashed.”

“No wonder Victoria ended up with the worse response to the COVID emergency in Australia.”

“This arrogant government continues to treat Victorians like fools, introducing new mandates by stealth and refusing to be accountable to the public.”

Georgie Crozier MP

Shadow Minister for Health