More potholes, ruts and cracks: the Road Minister’s budget promise

The Andrews Labor Government has doubled down on its cuts to the state’s crumbling road network, cutting even more funding for maintenance of the state’s roads.

A further $24 million has been lopped from the road asset management program, after $191 million – or 23 per cent – was slashed in last year’s State Budget.

The Road Asset Management spend now sits at $592.7million (2022-23 State Budget, Budget Paper 3, p348), down from $807.4m two years ago (2020-21 State Budget, Budget Paper 3, p 356).

Labor’s budget papers also claim:

“the scale and quantity of this government’s investment yielded returns in the regions again in 2021-22, with expected performance exceeding performance measure targets for road quality measures on roughness, cracking and rutting” (2022-23 State Budget, Budget Paper 2, p16).

Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Minister for Roads, Steph Ryan said fury over the state of Victoria’s road network was palpable and growing.

“Labor MPs are so deluded that they honestly think they are doing a great job of maintaining the state’s road network,” Ms Ryan said.

“This latest cut to the roads budget is a reflection on a tired city-centric Labor Government that’s completely out of touch with everyday Victorians.

“Labor’s attitude was reflected by Labor’s Member for Eltham last month when she dismissed the concerns of Victorian motorists as “imagined fantasies”.

“It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that a completely city-centric government isn’t aware of the dangerous deterioration of our roads under their watch.

“No matter where you go across the state, roads are crumbling and potted with holes. Some are now downright dangerous.

“The Andrews Government’s solution is to reduce speed limits and waste money on temporary signage rather than actually fixing roads.

“Strong investment in roads is not a big ask of a government that is happy to let tens of billions of dollars disappear through wasteful cost blowouts and project mismanagement in Melbourne.”

Ms Ryan is encouraging Victorian motorists to nominate the worst roads across the state.

“I urge everyone to get online at to nominate the most dangerous and shoddy roads you come across,” Ms Ryan said.

“We shouldn’t have to wait for a change of government to fix our roads and I will be presenting a list to the Roads Minister for his immediate action.”

Steph Ryan MP

Deputy Leader of The Nationals and

Shadow Minister for Roads