New and increased taxes behind Labor’s budget delay

Today in Parliament, Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley called out Labor on the real reason they have delayed the state budget – because Labor plan to slug Victorians with new and increased taxes.

Despite initially claiming to be waiting for the federal election to be decided before handing down the budget, today this excuse was shown to be nothing more than a sham.

In Question Time today it was revealed that the results of the federal election won’t be finalised, and the Commonwealth Parliament cannot sit by May 27, the date that Labor has now scheduled the state budget to be handed down.

Daniel Andrews and Labor are more interested in running Bill Shorten’s election campaign than they are in being open and honest about the state of Victoria’s books.

Under Daniel Andrews Victoria already has 12 new taxes and is the highest taxed state in Australia, and now Labor wants Victorians to wait until after the federal election to reveal exactly how much more they will be forced to pay.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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