No end in sight for Fines Victoria IT system debacle

On Neil Mitchell’s program this morning, Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass said she’s not confident Fines Victoria will fix its problem-plagued IT system by the June deadline.

This IT system introduced by the Andrews Labor Government is at least 18 months behind schedule and now it looks like there will be even more delays.

This isn’t just about the Andrews Labor Government’s inability to deliver projects competently and on time and on budget, this is about a bungled system that is causing enormous stress and anxiety for innocent Victorians who’ve been wrongly served with legal documents.

A report released last month by the Ombudsman showed that in 2018 they received 605 complaints, a 74% annual increase, about Fines Victoria.

This follows revelations that the new ICT platform for Fines Victoria is not only more than 18 months behind schedule but it already has a cost blow out of 34.8%.

Labor Governments have a long history of bungling projects from Myki and the desalination plant to IT systems for Fines Victoria.

This IT system introduced by the Andrews Labor Government is at least 18 months behind schedule, around 15 million dollars over budget and has caused distress and suffering to countless Victorians.

Edward O'Donohue MP

Shadow Attorney-General

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