No end in sight for regional commuter crush

Regional commuters will be stuck on slow, overcrowded trains for at least two more years.

Today, the Andrews Labor Government announced just six of “up to 18” train sets would be ordered this year, despite more than half the total project funds being allocated to spend in the 2019-20 year.

Worse, the new trains won’t be delivered until 2021 even though regional commuters are forced to squeeze onto dozens of overcrowded train services every single day.

According to VLine, an average of 24 services on the Geelong line are at capacity every day, with services on the Ballarat line (10 per day), Bendigo line (one per day) and Gippsland line (one per day) also bursting at the seams.

The Andrews Labor Government is dudding regional Victorians, yet again.

While Daniel Andrews pours billions into Melbourne infrastructure cost blowouts, people who live outside Melbourne’s tram tracks are being handed the scraps.

Steph Ryan

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Regional)