NOT BREAKING: Andrews Labor Government can’t manage money

In ‘not breaking news’ today, it’s been revealed that the Andrews Labor Government is overseeing another budget blowout, this time on the Metro Tunnel. The Andrews Labor Government is great at managing media stunts but they are world class when it comes to mismanaging projects that cost taxpayers money.

In a report by the Victorian Auditor-General it’s been revealed that the Metro Tunnel project is facing a 31.2% budget blowout on early construction works. The construction early works has blown out by $148.9 million. That’s $150 million in Labor waste that would be better spent on building up to 8 brand new schools across Victoria.

Unfortunately no Victorian will be surprised to learn that the Andrews Labor Government is mismanaging this project and is already costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in budget blowouts.

It’s no wonder the Andrews Labor Government’s last budget included more big new taxes to cover up their economic mismanagement.

Victoria Labor has a long history of mismanaging major projects like Myki and the desalination plant and its always Victorian taxpayers who pay the price.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metro) and Transport Infrastructure

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