O’Brien calls for swift action on online price gouging

Victorian Liberal Leader Michael O’Brien has called for swift action to ban people seeking to price gouge on basic necessities through online market places.

During the coronavirus health crisis, many necessities of life are becoming harder for people to access through supermarkets. Disappointingly, some unscrupulous people have taken to online market places to offer these products at massively inflated prices.

People who hoard basic necessities in order to sell them at rip off prices are to be condemned. They are making life harder for other Victorians during a crisis.

Online market places such as Facebook, Gumtree, eBay and Amazon have the capacity to ban sellers seeking to exploit the current coronavirus crisis by price gouging. It is vital that they move to do so immediately.

Taking away the outlet for price gouging will limit the incentive for these people to stockpile essential goods that are desperately needed by others in the community.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“People who rip off their fellow Victorians during the coronavirus health crisis are the lowest of the low.

“Many Victorians are scared by a lack of basic necessities on supermarket shelves. That some people are hoarding these goods in order to price gouge online is disgusting.

“I am calling for online market places to immediately ban this predatory conduct. Price gougers need to be condemned and shut down, not rewarded.

“If online market places don’t act then governments must urgently step in to make it happen.”

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