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Parliament to return prior to Christmas to commence work on delivering our Real Solutions Plan

If elected on Saturday, a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will hit the ground running and take immediate action to deliver our Real Solutions Plan for all Victorians.

Parliament will be recalled to sit at the earliest possible opportunity following the return of writs, from Monday 19th December.

Our first order of business will be to introduce legislation to repeal Daniel Andrews’ pandemic laws, and ensure that the lockdowns and mandates of the COVID pandemic can never happen again.

The Parliament will also need to consider and pass legislation prior to Christmas to increase the stamp duty exemption threshold for new home buyers to $1 million (from January 1).

An appropriation bill will also be brought forward to provide funding for our Bill Buster Electricity Bill measure (also from January 1), and measures such as commencing work on halving the elective surgery waiting list.

And, we will also introduce legislation that week to legislate a Debt Cap, cut seven Labor taxes and establish a Victorian Gas for Victorians gas reserve.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the Liberals and Nationals had a positive Real Solutions Plan to give Victoria the fresh start it needs.

“A Government I lead will hit the ground running and has a plan to deliver real solutions for all Victorians,” Mr Guy said.

“From immediate cost of living relief to scrapping Labor’s lockdown laws, my team and I are ready to deliver.”

“The days of control and division are over. Victoria needs a fresh start and an inclusive, respectful style of government that brings people together.”

“Only a change of government will fix the health crisis, reward hard-working families, and give Victoria the fresh start it needs.”

Matt Guy MP, Matt Guy

Leader of the Liberal Party

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