Patients at risk due to Daniel Andrews’ savage health cuts

As a result of Daniel Andrews’ savage cuts to the health budget tens of thousands of sick Victorians will be forced to wait even longer for their desperately needed surgery.

Despite Victoria’s population growth and increasing demand on our public hospitals, Daniel Andrews’ budget cuts means more than a 5 per cent reduction in funded elective surgeries.

Victorians deserve better than to be left languishing, and in pain, on waiting lists for years on end, caused by Daniel Andrews’ funding cuts.

It is appalling the way Daniel Andrews is cutting health budgets and leaving patients with the surgeries they desperately need.

With Daniel Andrews maxing out Victoria’s credit card and vital health funding not keeping up with demand and population growth, Victorian patients will be put at risk and continue to suffer.

Since the 2018 election, Victorians have also endured Labor’s funding cuts to dental and community health, funding shortfalls for hospital upgrades, zero infrastructure dollars for 10 Community Hospitals, cuts to admitted acute care for four major hospital networks, cuts to women’s health, cuts to some palliative care services, cuts to health protection and cuts to cancer treatment technology.

Georgie Crozier MP

Shadow Minister for Health

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