Patterson River Boat Ramp

My question is to the Minister for Fishing and Boating, and it follows Mr Limbrick’s question yesterday re Patterson Lakes. The offer of a licence to Trevor and Lynette Hogan to run the Patterson River boat ramp for six months over winter excludes the car park.

Given the Hogans’ lease expires on 31 March and the licence does not cover the car park, who will manage and coordinate the parking of hundreds of cars and trailers over the peak Easter weekend, which starts just 10 days after the Hogans leave?

Minister, the six-month licence will cost the Hogans $70 000 in losses for the winter season, with no certainty of a lease in summer to recoup those losses, and for that reason the Hogans have said they will leave Patterson River on 31 March.

Given the answer you have just given to the substantive question, what arrangements does the department have in place to run that ramp from 31 March, in just four weeks time?

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